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Life Management
Attitude • Responsibility • Communication • Decision Making/Problem
Solving • Preparing for the Workplace
24/7 Dad
Family of Origin • Masculinity • Understanding Yourself •Handling and Expressing Emotions • Physical and Mental Health • Fathering and Family Roles • Fathering and Culture • Discipline, Rewards, and Punishment • Expectations and Children’s Development • Balancing Work and Family• Getting Involved with Your Children
Job Readiness
Get a “Good” job in less time • Identify your key skills • Define your “ideal job” • Utilizing the best job search methods • Improving your Interviewing Skills • Resume development & preparation •Job search correspondence •
Strategies for success
Introduction to Computers • Internet Basics • Microsoft Word • Using today’s technology to expand your job search
Money Management
Bank On It • Borrowing Basics • Check It Out • Money Matters • Pay Yourself First • Keep It Safe • To Your Credit
Charge It Right • Loan To Own •
Your Own Home
Job Placement
Matching jobs to your abilities • Assistance with setting job goals • Job retention and advancement

These services are available to all eligible persons regardless of race, gender, age, disability or religion

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